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You’ve reached a crossroads. Maybe you want to leave your job to start a new venture or turn a side project into something more. Or maybe you’re simply not fulfilled by the path you’re on today. Whatever your goal, it’s possible to build a better life—all you have to do is take the first step to the “new normal.”

Path Nine is a newsletter that helps you grow wealthy and increase freedom, on your own path.

Our readers include entrepreneurs, venture-backed CEOs, architects, psychologists, academics, technologists, and digital creatives.

About The Author

I spent 10 years building and leading award-winning products for startups and Fortune 500 businesses. After years of creating, building, and selling products and services, I found myself exhausted and unhappy. I was seeking something different; something that could set me free from the corporate shackles.

I had to find a new PATH.

Path Nine is penned by Kevin Kirkpatrick, a Seattle-based entrepreneur, product leader, and consultant. Kevin is a former Deloitte consultant and designer. Kevin’s work has been featured in AdAge, Indie Hackers, GeekWire, and Hackernoon.

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